Flashing lights illuminated the New Haven Green Saturday night as police sealed off the area to investigate reports of gunshots.

New Haven Police on the scene declined to comment to the News on the incident, which occurred after 9 p.m. Police told News Channel 8 that a handgun was involved in the incident, but would not say whether or not it had been fired. As of Saturday night, no shell casings or gunshot victims could be located in the vicinity of the green.

Six teenagers are currently in custody in connection with the incident. Police said injuries at the scene included a female, who was severely beaten by a group of males, and a male with a broken jaw. The female was taken to a local hospital. Her current condition remains unknown.

Aaron Nissen ’08, who was on Temple Street at approximately 9:30 p.m., said he saw a crowded bus stop on Elm Street prior to the incident.

“We heard a pop, and then a whole stream of people started screaming and running from the bus,” he said.

Nissen said he saw someone on the ground surrounded by screaming women. He called 911, and, within minutes, approximately 20 police cars accompanied by ambulances had surrounded the green.

At 10:30 p.m. there were still about 15 to 20 police cars surrounding the Green, as well as several fire trucks and one ambulance. At around 10:45, the parents of several of the teenagers being held by police arrived at the scene, and one adult man threatened to kill one of the teenagers who was detained in the back of a police car.

Several students in Welch Hall said they heard a noise resembling a gunshot and later the mass of police cars surrounding the Green.

Yaw Amin ’05, a freshman counselor in Welch, said he advises students to exercise extra caution.

“Don’t go to the Green too late, and if you do, have at least one other person with you,” he said.

Police said additional information about the incident would be available Monday.

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