To the Editor:

In Monday’s edition of Yale Daily News, your article on Cobb’s campaign (“Cobb brings his campaign to Connecticut,” 11/1) partially mischaracterized my response to allegations that Nader accepted Republican efforts to get him on the ballot.

Nader has not accepted signatures from groups with values contrary to his own. Certain Republicans have helped him gain ballot access, but only as individuals. This is because Nader does indeed share certain values with conservatives. Nader is not, however, a fiscal conservative. His aims in cutting corporate welfare, reducing the deficit, eliminating wasteful spending and ending unnecessary subsidies do align with those of conservatives. This is fiscal responsibility. But as strict fiscal conservatism entails substantial reduction in the role of government, Nader cannot be called a fiscal conservative.

Edward Dunar ’08

Nov. 1, 2004

The writer is coordinator for Yalies for Nader/Camejo.