We, the new scene editors, wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you, the same scene reader, to, well, basically the same-old scene. And it’s the same-old because, hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So let’s start this off with some major snaps to our former editors Kati, Steve and Zander for holding down the fort until the new — and more attractive — regime could take over. You may not notice any big changes this week (except for a marked decrease in grammatical correctness and creativity), but change is brewing.

In the words of one of our fellow editors, this year’s scene will pursue a healthy balance between “pleasure and professionalism” here at the Daily. We don’t know what he meant exactly by “pleasure” (just don’t venture near the news desk), but we have some plans of our own for spicing up the joint while still, of course, bringing you the superior product that is scene.

For one thing, this logo is changing. Not today, not next week and (let’s be honest here, folks) probably not the week after that, but we are getting rid of this logo if it is the last thing we do. Futuristic and at the same time remarkably ’80s, scene deserves better.

And you, dear readers, deserve better. You deserve a monthly book page, food page and fashion page. Not this month — we know what you’ve been up to. But eventually.

Also, you deserve all the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll that you want. But you won’t be finding anything other than rock ‘n’ roll in our pages. If we’re not getting any, then neither are you. Go do that on your own time. We enjoy naked Yalies as much as the next girl (there are two of us, and Max doesn’t count), but we’d much rather be naked than read about it. In fact, we’re naked right now. Just kidding. Maybe. But seriously, folks, the only sex we’re writing about is “Sex, Lies and Videotape.”

On top of addressing more important student life issues within our pages, we want to use scene’s influence to reach out beyond the Yale community. Though we spend much of our lives trapped like rats in the News building (while Max flees like a rat on a sinking ship), we are clued-in enough to be underwhelmed by the current state of the world. This year, on top of bringing you a bigger and better scene, we will strive to solve global warming, stop the spread of AIDS in Africa and win the peace in Iraq. Oh, and how ’bout the fact that you never see baby pigeons? What’s with that?

Other things that bother us: English majors who think they’re smarter than they are (Claire and Max are exceptions to this rule), Theater Studies majors who think they’re cooler than they are (Susan is not an exception to this rule), tofu apple crisp, Carrot Top and people who only look at the cover photo of scene before recycling it.

So there you have it. scene in a nutshell. We’ve got pleasure; we’re working on professionalism (one good place to start might be curbing our self-referential tendencies).

And we’ll get right on that whole peace in Iraq thing. Soon as we find us some baby pigeons.