Chance Carlisle

College/Year: Saybrook ’05

Hometown: Memphis, Tenn.

Major: History

Chance Carlisle ’05 said as YCC vice president he would work to bring more tangible benefits to students by redefining the council’s day-to-day operations.

If he is elected as the YCC’s agenda setter, Carlisle — a Zeta Psi brother with experience working in the Saybrook College Council — said he would redirect the Council’s focus to student life issues. He said he would work to extend library hours and improve the vending machines in Machine City, in addition to making other small but concrete changes.

“Nobody is going to change the advising system in one year,” Carlisle said. “We should focus on stuff we can handle — feasible things like shuttle services that don’t involve administrative red tape. We can form smaller groups to tackle the more meaty issues.”

Carlisle said he believes he can meet the immediate challenges he would face as vice president, including improving the way the YCC responds to cultural concerns on campus. He said he would work to address these issues without letting the bureaucratic process slow down the Council’s operations.

David Gershkoff

College/Year: Branford ’06

Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn.

Major: Physics and International Studies

David Gershkoff ’06, a member of the Glee Club, Chai Society and the traveling Model UN team, said as Yale College Council vice president he would push to make the council as effective as possible, helping members work together rather than against each other. Gershkoff, who serves as a YCC representative and chair for the Committee on Academics this year, said the vice president position would best suit his abilities.

Gershkoff said he would improve student life by working closely with the president and the rest of the executive board. He said he would communicate one-on-one with issue committee chairs to make sure they did the same with members of their committees.

“One difficulty I would face is the problem that not enough people are running in elections,” Gershkoff said. “And by the middle of the year, half the reps are not doing anything. I would ensure that people on the council want to be there [and] ensure it would be the best use of their time.”

Gershkoff said he wants to improve student life at Yale and in New Haven for all members of the Yale community.

Jason Sclar

College/Year: Ezra Stiles ’05

Hometown: Larchmont, N.Y.

Major: Computer Science

Executive editor of Rumpus and Sigma Chi brother Jason Sclar ’05 said as Yale College Council vice president he would implement some form of anarchy, working to annex Albertus Magnus College, install beer taps in the dining halls and eventually disassemble the YCC.

“I envision getting rid of YaleStation and creating universal key card access,” Sclar said. “The YCC has never done anything useful before, and this would be a change.”

Sclar said he wants to be the YCC’s vice president for reasons including “ego gratification” and “resume padding.”

— Susie Poppick