Harvard’s tuition to increase 5.15 percent in ’04-’05

Following a trend at other Ivy League Universities, Harvard College announced a tuition increase for the 2004-2005 school year Tuesday.

Harvard’s term bill will increase 5.15 percent, with undergraduates paying $39,880 for their educations next year. In February Yale announced a 5 percent term bill increase for next year.

Compared to other Ivy League university term bills for the upcoming year, Yale’s is one of the least expensive at $38,850, Yale President Richard Levin said.

In spite of the tuition increase, Harvard officials said financial aid will continue to adequately cover expenses for those in need. In February, William C. Kirby, Harvard dean of the faculty of arts, announced a change that will eliminate the requirement for families in households earning $40,000 or less to contribute to their children’s education costs.

“We are determined to protect every student’s ability to come to Harvard regardless of financial background,” Kirby said in a press release.

— Amy Kaplan