Here’s an exercise: try and think of a better way to spend a late winter weekend than by shooting down the ski-slopes during the day and cuddling up by the fire at night.

It’s a trick quick question — you can’t think of a better way, so stop trying, pack up the car, grab a few friends and head up to Killington, VT for a weekend of frosty fun.

With seven mountains, two hundred trails, thirty-one lifts and covering eighty-seven miles of land, Killington has enough on-slope action for you to ski for weeks and never get bored. As if the trails weren’t enough, there’s a lot more to do both in and out of the snow that makes this quaint resort town a great spot for a mini-vacation.

Approximately four hours by car from Yale, Killington is the perfect distance for a roadtrip: long enough to bond. but not so long that you have to stop at more than one or two of those delightful highway rest-stops. Take Dixwell Ave. to C15-North toward Hartford and after about 15 miles get on 91 North and take that for about 130 miles. Get off at exit 6, heading toward Rutand, VT and then turn left onto US-5 North (VT 103) and stay on that until you turn right onto VT-100. After about 15 more miles, you’ll turn left onto US-4 for 4 miles and then right onto River Rd. As soon as you know it, you’ll be in the center of Killington.

A special “March into Spring” package will get you a room and a free lift pass for three nights and three days for the price of a two-day trip (prices start at $186 per person). A four-day/four night trip will cost you $344, and longer trips are available as well. Rooms at the Killington Resort lodge go for $88 per night during the mid-week, non-holiday winter season. Lucky for you, there are a;sp promotional packages. Hey, why not go for the best deal possible? If skiing isn’t your thing and you’re looking just to get away from it all, the packages are all-inclusive (this means you pay for lift tickets) so be aware of this factor when making plans. Killington also has its fair share of campgrounds if you feel like blowing your moula solely on skiing and other such activities — you could even sleep in your car.

Outdoor adventures in Killington are plentiful. There are, obviously, multiple ski-trails to attack and instructors are available for both group and individual ski/snowboarding lessons. For the more skilled winter athletes, snowboarding pipes and parks can be found around the area.

Once you’re outside, why not try something new? Equipment is available for snowshoeing; you could go cross-country skiing or even ice-climbing (although that sounds a bit daunting and scary). Snowmobile tours run frequently. You can even rent a snowmobile by yourself if you know how to ride one. There is also sledding and ice fishing facilities in Killington.I recommend snow tubing. On Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday and holidays from two until six and on Thursday and Saturday from two thirty until eight, you can cruise down the trails in a tube. For all you romantics out there, make it a date night in a horse-drawn sleigh ride and enjoy the crisp air, Vermont stars and the cuddly company of someone special.

There are also plenty of things you can do out of doors that don’t (at least directly) involve snow. Take a drive with your buddies to check out the area’s famous covered bridges and all famous farmland that Vermont has in plentitude. Green Mountain, one of Vermont’s most famous peaks, offers tours. It is also home to the Green Mountain national golf course. Why not play a few holes, if the weather permits? The entire Calvin Coolidge State Forest and Park is beautiful and definitely worth a visit.

For those of you more inclined to watch that snow fall from inside a steamed-up window as you sit by the fire sipping cocoa, Killington has something for you, too. You can enjoy Vermont without setting foot on a ski-trail. Active indoorsmen might enjoy Killington’s multiple fitness centers and giant rock-climbing wall. And then there’s always the very rigorous sport of shopping, either at the Killington shops or a few miles west in the town of Rutland, where the Merchant Row shops offer a variety of products.

For all you cultural connoisseurs, Killington and its environs offer art galleries, estates and museums. Check out the home of former president Calvin Coolidge, for instance. In 2000, the Paramount Theater in Rutland got a makeover and now hold concerts by celebrated performers such as Allison Krauss as well as musicals and plays year-round.

Wining and dining is, of course, an integral part of the spring break experience. Restaurants and breweries can be found all around Killington — there’s even a sushi place. Killington’s extensive website ( recommends the Wobbly Barn for both dining and nightlife entertainment. Don’t be out partying like a player until all hours though — lifts start up at nine a.m. on weekdays and eight a.m. on holidays and weekends. Get yourself rested, because the daytime is where it’s at.

Whatever your pleasure, Killington makes for a nice little road-trip. A weekend or holiday getaway offers the finest in playing or resting. Call 802-422-1700 to check out upcoming events at the resort or go to the website to make reservations, check out the place in more detail or just to peruse while you’re procrastinating. In any case, Killington is a great way to bond, escape and have a darn good time.

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