Third Eye Blind put up — and subsequently removed — Yale’s name from its Web site’s list of future tour stops, although Yale College Council President Elliott Mogul ’05 said the council and the band have not signed a contract for Yale’s upcoming Spring Fling concert.

While he said Third Eye Blind is among the 14 bands being considered for the April 27 Spring Fling concert, Mogul declined to confirm or deny that it will be the band.

“Our agent is still talking to more than one band,” Mogul said. “We have been speaking to all 14 bands.”

Mogul said the YCC asked Third Eye Blind to remove Yale’s name from its Web site about two weeks ago.

“When it came to our attention that they had that on their Web site, we said since we do not have a contract, they should remove that from their site,” Mogul said.

In 2002 Sugar Ray listed Yale as a concert venue on the date of Spring Fling, Mogul said, but the council had already signed a contract with Guster, who came to the University for the event.

“Bands get excited when they find out that Yale is interested in them,” Mogul said. “That’s what happened with Sugar Ray. That’s what happened with Third Eye Blind.”

Mogul declined to comment on whether Third Eye Blind is any more likely to come to Yale than any of the other 13 musical acts the council is considering, including Jimmy Eat World and Sean Paul.

Spring Fling co-chairman Austin Broussard ’06 said he was surprised when he saw Yale’s name on Third Eye Blind’s Web site.

“We’re in negotiations with contracts with several bands,” Broussard said. “Nothing’s final yet.”

Mogul said the council intends to announce the official act before spring break.

Adam Presser ’06, who owns a Third Eye Blind CD, said he would go see the band if it performed at the University.

“I would certainly be excited if they came,” Presser said.

Katherine O’Brien ’07 said she likes Third Eye Blind, but does not care which band comes to Yale.

Spring Fling, which Mogul said costs more than $60,000, is paid for by a $50,000 contribution from the President’s office as well as other YCC activities during the year. One YCC event, last month’s Winter Ball, raised just under $4,000, Mogul said.

Because last year’s Spring Fling was a night show, the YCC had to procure expensive lighting, which ended up costing more than was budgeted, Mogul said. Departing Yale College Dean Richard Brodhead granted the YCC $7,000 to pay for going over budget last year, Mogul said.

And Brodhead might have a hand in this year’s Spring Fling.

“I was asked if I might be present,” Brodhead said. “And I might make some kind of an appearance that remains unspecified. I would say one other thing — stay tuned.”

Broussard said he is “hoping” Brodhead will participate.

“This will be his big send-off,” Broussard said.

Possible Spring Fling events include a competition between the residential colleges, a “King and Queen of Spring Fling” contest and a YCC-sponsored party at night, Broussard said.

Mogul said Spring Fling events will begin around 11 a.m.

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