The results are in, and it’s time to meet the newly-elected representatives of the Yale College Council and the Yale Student Activities Committee.

With a voter turnout of 1,603, this week’s YCC election drew 2.4 percent more voters than last January’s. The Class of 2007 had the highest turnout, with 526 freshmen voting, while the Class of 2004 had the lowest turnout, with 227 seniors voting.

Returning to the council are representatives Gino Casanova ’06, Henry Cook ’06, Alan Kennedy-Shaffer ’06, Edward Pritchett ’05, Andrew Schram ’06 and Steven Syverud ’06. New to the council are representatives Marissa Brittenham ’07, Chance Carlisle ’05, Erin Carlstrom ’05, Samuel Chu ’06, Elvira Duran ’05, Geraldine Gassam ’07, Theodore Long ’06, Molly Lubin ’06 and Jayson Tischler ’07. Erica Ross ’06 earned a spot on YSAC.

Branford College led the University in voter turnout. Trumbull College posted the fewest number of voters, with the exception of Morse College, where Lubin ran unopposed.

YCC Vice President Nirupam Sinha ’05, who ran the election, said he was pleased with voter participation.

“Turnout is the highest we’ve ever seen,” Sinha said. “We think that’s a reflection of the YCC changing its structure at the beginning of the academic year. And it’s a reflection of the direction in which it’s trying to be more responsive to students and student life issues.”

The closest race was in Berkeley College, which Brittenham won. Four other colleges featured a winning candidate who bested the second-place candidate by a margin of less than 10 percent of votes — Calhoun, Trumbull, Pierson and Jonathan Edwards colleges. But in Pierson and JE, two seats were open and the second-place candidate still earned a half-year term.

Sinha said the new representatives seem “talented and capable,” based on what he has seen of them in their campaigns.

Gassam, who will continue to be a Freshman Class Council representative, said she is excited to serve on the YCC. She said she does not think serving on both councils will be a problem.

“Now I get to do the whole circle,” Gassam said.

Gassam said she would like to see the YCC focus more on student life after Yale.

Kennedy-Shaffer, who retained his Davenport College seat, said he managed three other representatives’ campaigns and gave advice on two others’. He said three of the candidates whom he helped won.

“The strategy was the same in all the campaigns,” Kennedy-Shaffer said. “So it didn’t matter who the opponents were.”

Kennedy-Shaffer said his campaign strategies were postering, going door-to-door, sending e-mails, and distributing “table tents” in dining halls.

FCC representative Allison Pickens ’07 lost the closely-contested Trumbull race to Chu. She said she intends to run again in the future.

“YCC’s something I’m really interested in,” Pickens said. “I’m still young. I have three years ahead of me.”

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