To the editor:

The Yale Friends of Israel strongly condemns both those who justify or perpetrate terrorism and those who seek to characterize entire religious/ethnic/national groups as embracing or bearing collective responsibility for terror. A peaceful resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict requires a vibrant, genuinely honest dialogue free of attempts to demonize either population involved in the conflict. The recent CampusTruth advertisements running in the News, which convey controversial opinions as is their right, do so in a fashion that is not conducive to promoting an intelligent and truthful exchange of ideas at Yale on the real issues concerning the Middle East, and in a way that may advance unfounded, extremely harmful prejudices among those who are not intimately familiar with the issues. YFI is not associated with CampusTruth or their ads, and does not echo their sentiments.

Nelson Moussazadeh ’05

Stephanie Kissel ’05

The writers are Co-Presidents of the Yale Friends of Israel

November 9, 2003