Krista Flynn has always dreamed of opening a store of her own. So when it became possible for her to open her first boutique, she decided to name it “Sogno,” which means “dream” in Italian.

After much anticipation, Sogno, Boutique of Dreams, opened Friday afternoon with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony and press conference. The store is located on Audubon Street across from the Neighborhood Music School, in the center of the arts district.

Flynn said she hand-picked all the items in her store in an attempt to appeal to men and women of all different ages. She sells a everything from furniture to clothing, from toys to body lotions. She said she was trying to sell a diverse set of items at all prices.

“This arts district is so culturally diverse that I wanted to play to everyone. I didn’t want to alienate anybody,” Flynn said. “I put a lot of work and time and effort into picking the designers, but this is a starting point. I will adapt to what the neighborhood needs. I’m open to suggestions.”

Sogno is moving into a formerly abandoned building, and residents said they hope the boutique will add life and promise to an already vibrant neighborhood.

David Newton, Director of University Properties and Associate Vice President of Yale said Sogno will be a great place for parents to shop while waiting for their children to finish their music lessons. He emphasized that the store will be a great find for others as well.

“It brings a whole other vitality to the area,” Newton said. “It’s a wonderful addition to the district and to New Haven as well. Krista’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious. She’s a real winner.”

Bitsie Clark, former Executive Director of the Arts Council of Greater New Haven and a resident of Audubon Street, said in a press release that many people were looking forward to Sogno’s opening.

“It will be a tremendous addition to the neighborhood, and everybody on the street is thrilled about it,” she said.

Flynn said people had been knocking on her door for the past two weeks to ask when the store would open. On Saturday morning, customers said they were pleased with the store’s atmosphere and merchandise.

Manon Loonis, a Milford resident, said she was pleased while she browsed the store with her 13-year-old daughter, who studies at the Music School.

“The merchandise looks really great to me,” Loonis said. “It’s nice to have a store which is just a little bit different.”

Anne Hoefer, a New Haven resident, agreed.

“My daughter and I take lessons across the street, and I just brought her today, so I thought I’d come in and take a look,” Hoeffer said. “I live in New Haven, so I like seeing more stuff developed. New Haven’s a great place.”

Flynn said she is looking forward to the first few weeks of business. The store will be open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Flynn said, however, that she might keep the store open longer in the first few weeks based on demand. She said she was happy with the opening day and is excited for what is to come.

“We’ll keep changing and adjusting until we get it right,” she said.

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