Barrie Ltd. will close at the end of November, co-owner John Isaacs said Tuesday. He said University Properties’ requirement that all stores remain open until 9 p.m. was a factor in the decision, but that trends in the shoe industry were also influential.

As part of its leasing agreement, University Properties requires all tenants in the Broadway area who are signing new leases or renewing old ones to offer extended hours, Director of University Properties David Newton said. Newton said his office began including the requirement about four years ago, when the other side of Broadway was undergoing redevelopment.

“This isn’t about University Properties, it’s about the community,” Newton said. “Envision Broadway dark — and it just wouldn’t be the kind of area people are attracted to.”

Isaacs said the requirements, which he said also mandate stores to remain open six nights a week, 361 days a year, would require him to reduce the store’s level of personal service.

He said owners considered multiple options for changing locations, including moving to the store’s former location on the other side of J.Press at 260 York Street, which is not a University Properties building. But he said University Properties was not willing to give him a 15 month extension on his current lease, and the cost of renovating the other, smaller space would be prohibitive.

Since the store announced it was closing and began a going of out business sale, Isaacs said he has done two and a half weeks worth of business in the last four days.

Dan Venning ’04 said he has bought a pair of shoes at Barrie Ltd. every year he has been at Yale.

“My dad shopped here when he went to law school,” Venning said. “They’ve always given me very good shoes.”