Housing Authority Director Stephen Yandle’s term as head of the agency will conclude at the end of this month.

The Connecticut state legislature had granted an exemption to state conflict of interest laws when Yandle took the position on an interim basis last year. The laws would have prevented Yandle, who was a commissioner of the authority at the time, from taking any paid position, including director.

According to the New Haven Register, State Rep. Toni Edmonds Walker blocked the exemption from being granted this year.

Walker could not be reached for comment.

While Yandle said he had worked well with the city on such things as the Hope VI grant for Quinnipiac Terrace, he said he also had a “greater sense of independence than the mayor would prefer.”

But New Haven Mayor John DeStefano Jr. said he “worked OK” with Yandle when Yandle served as both a Housing Authority commissioner and the director.

“The action of the legislature is separate from whether [Yandle] would have been appointed as full-time director,” DeStefano said.

Formerly a Yale Law School professor, Yandle said he had to resign his position to assume the directorship of the Housing Authority.

Yandle said he did not know what his next move would be but that he enjoyed his time at the authority.

“I think we had a great thing going on at the Housing Authority,” Yandle said. “It’s a challenging, demanding job, but it has excellent rewards.”

–Tom Sullivan