Stiles ended the Tyng Cup race long ago, but there is still one more chance for the other 11 residential colleges to save face: DKE Tang. It will be held tomorrow, April 26, starting at 12 p.m. outside the Delta Kappa Epsilon house (on Lake Place just behind the Payne Whitney Gym).

If it rains on Saturday, the event will likely be rescheduled for Sunday at the same place, or inside Toad’s if the rain continues into Sunday. Schedule changes will be posted on and

But this year, Tang will have special meaning for the brothers of DKE, who suffered the loss of four of their brethren at the beginning of the spring term. Nicholas Grass ’05, Kyle Burnat ’05, Andrew Dwyer ’05, and Sean Fenton ’04 died in a car accident that occurred on the return trip from a fraternity event in New York City.

“The whole school getting together to have a good time and TANG is a great way to remember those guys,” DKE President John Harabedian ’04 said. “They wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.”

DKE has also established a scholarship through Yale College to honor those memories. They will be accepting donations for the scholarship at the Tang event.

–Alex Hetherington