Tre Borden

College/Year: Calhoun ’06

Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.

Major: Undeclared

William “Tre” Borden said he believes the Yale College Council has much more power than it utilizes. He has come up with three main goals to fulfill if elected YCC secretary.

First, in order to increase YCC representatives’ responsiveness to the student body, Borden said he would like to see monthly or bi-monthly town hall meetings. Second, Borden said he wants the YCC to create an “officer-organization network” so one YCC representative has the task of communicating with certain student organizations. Third, Borden said he wants the YaleStation Web site revamped. He said the YCC should use the Princeton Undergraduate Student Government’s Web site as an example.

Borden is currently a Calhoun representative on the Freshman Class Council and served as co-chair of the Freshmen Screw.

Lenore Estrada

College/Year: Calhoun ’05

Hometown: Stockton, Calif.

Major: History

Yale College Council secretary candidate Lenore Estrada ’05, admits that she was no child prodigy.

Estrada said while many students are admitted to Yale on the basis of some unique talent, she set herself apart with friendliness.

Estrada has been a Calhoun College YCC representative since the second semester of her freshman year and said she was responsible for taking minutes on the YCC issues committee last term. As YCC activities chair, Estrada said she has helped organize the Winter Ball and the Iron Chef competition between the residential colleges. She is currently serving as chair of the Spring Fling committee.

If elected, Estrada said, she would help bridge the gap between the YCC and the student body, hold weekly meetings with Yale administrators, and use the YaleStation Web site as the YCC’s technological arm.

–Oroma Mpi