When Melissa Wisner ’05 walked into a seminar earlier this week, the first thing the professor said was, “Oh, I heard you’re being auctioned.”

Tonight, dates with approximately 35 men and women of Timothy Dwight College will be up for sale in the Timothy Dwight dining hall. Once they have purchased their dates, winning bidders will have a chance to spend quality time with them at a Mardi Gras-themed dance following the auction. The proceeds will go towards various activities for the college.

“I just thought it would be a really fun opportunity, definitely community building and definitely entertaining,” said Erica Greenberg ’06, a member of the TD College Council and an organizer of the event.

Greenberg said while TD hopes to make a significant profit from the event, prices will be reasonable. A $3 charge will cover both the auction and the dance, with minimum bids for dates starting at $2.

“Exotic Erotic used to pull in all of our [student activity committee] money, but because we haven’t had that for the last two years our SAC has been running on empty,” said Becky Levy ’06, one of the auctioneers.

Many of the students have entered the auction as individuals, but entire suites and even a group of lightweight rowers will also be available. Starting at 10 p.m., the bidders will be able to purchase their dates alone or collectively. For instance, an entire group may buy an individual date.

In addition to her role as an organizer, Greenberg is also one of the dates who will be auctioned.

“It’s pretty obvious what you’re getting yourself into, so people are only doing it if they’re confident enough,” she said.

Levy said she is excited for the event and will also be one of the dates up for bid.

“I figured if I was going to be a part of this and help organize it, then it was clearly up to me to be part of it and sell myself as well and show solidarity with TD,” Levy said.

As an auctioneer, Levy said she will present information about the dates, including “whatever it takes to get the crowd interested in them.”

The dates following the auction will last officially until 1 a.m., when the dance ends. Greenberg said the dance will allow buyers to get to know their dates better.

Funds raised from the auction and dance will be used for future TD dances and TD Day, a spring community event for the college.

“We’re just hoping that all of Yale comes over to TD, because we know that most people don’t come here often and we see this as our opportunity to open up to the whole school,” Levy said. “And hopefully you’ll get to know some TDers a little bit more intimately.”