To the Editor:

Erin Scharff ’04 writes correctly that undergraduates cannot help but take an interest in labor relations at Yale, because they will necessarily be affected by a strike, and because the working conditions of Yale’s teachers and other workers are the learning conditions for Yale’s students (“Unionization and its discontents?” 2/20).

Unfortunately, the Yale administration is slow to learn that lesson. Since 1968, four successive administrations have tried to win concessions from the unions by refusing to negotiate in good faith, and then forcing a strike. This policy displays a willful disregard for the welfare of the students.

I graduated in one of the lucky few classes since 1968 to have graduated without a strike during my time at Yale. I wish the same for the Class of 2003 — and, indeed, all future classes. It is the Yale administration that can make it so. President Levin: It’s time to settle a fair contract.

Jacob Remes ’02

February 20, 2003