Gov. John G. Rowland broke the $5 million mark in campaign cash this month, amassing more than three times as much money as Democratic challenger Bill Curry.

Finance reports filed Tuesday showed that the two-term Republican governor has raised $5.1 million in campaign contributions. Curry has raised about $1.5 million.

Candidates last submitted campaign finance statements about three weeks ago. Since then, Rowland raised $420,760 while Curry raised $188,425. Both men are still holding fund-raising events, often several times a day.

Much of Rowland’s money already has been spent on television ads that will be aired through Election Day. Dean Pagani, Rowland’s campaign spokesman, said the governor still has enough cash left to run an additional, eleventh-hour ad if necessary. The report shows Rowland has $179,096 in cash on hand.

Roy Occhiogrosso, Curry’s campaign manager, said the Democrat plans to run another TV ad in the final days of the campaign. Curry has $150,268 in cash on hand.

“Against all odds, we’re continuing to raise more than enough money to run an effective grass-roots campaign,” he said. “Unlike John Rowland, who raises millions from lobbyists and people who do business in the state, our money comes from individuals who know Bill Curry is the only candidate in this race with a concrete plan for the future.”

Pagani said Rowland also has a strong grass-roots organization. He said Curry will have a difficult time catching voters’ attention with a new ad considering how many candidates are running TV spots.

“It’s almost at a point that no matter what he says, it’s not going to get through,” Pagani said.

–Associated Press