The Yale College Council voted unanimously Sunday night to create a free storage space for undergraduate theater. The space will house props, costumes and sets from productions funded by Sudler grants.

YCC representative Emily Scharfman ’05, who authored the resolution, said the average student budget for each play is about $850.

Scharfman said the set pieces were not recycled since there is currently no communal space for storage. This results in approximately $800 in props and costumes that are thrown out after each Sudler show, Scharfman said.

She added that the Undergraduate Organization Funding Committee has expressed its support for the Yale Drama Coalition’s initiative.

The YCC resolution directs the Council of Masters or the Yale College Dean’s Office to designate one room that is at least 10 by 15 feet for storage space for Sudler-funded shows.

Under the resolution, the drama coalition will receive $40 from the Council of Masters for a shelving unit and a clothing rack.

While the School of Drama has a warehouse, space is limited, and the warehouse charges Sudler shows for use. Moreover, only students with cars can access the warehouse because it is so far from campus.

–Katherine Stevens