Police are investigating an unusual incident involving a taxi driver and a passenger with a gun.

The cabbie was forced to drive a man from New Haven to Seymour Tuesday morning at gunpoint. But he was also paid $400 for the short ride.

Police were told by the cab driver Tuesday morning that he was forced at gunpoint to drive from New Haven to Seymour.

After an investigation, Seymour police took a man living at a home on Bryson Ave. into custody without incident, then transferred him to the custody of New Haven police, who are leading the investigation.

Police found no weapon. New Haven police said they were still interviewing the suspect and had not filed any charges.

Capt. Paul Beres said Seymour detectives and patrol officers staked out the house on Bryson, saw the suspect step out onto the back porch, and took him into custody.

Seymour and New Haven police searched the house, using a police dog and several officers, but found no weapons. Police confiscated the $400 from the cab driver and $700 that the suspect had and turned it over to New Haven police.

–Associated Press