When Eric Feins ’03 dipped his first oar into the water as a teenager at the Pittsford Crew Club in Rochester, N.Y., a bronze medal at the 2001 World Rowing Championships was years away.

After capturing the bronze medal at the World Championship in 2001, Feins repeated his performance in Seville, Spain, at the 2002 World Rowing Championships this September.

Feins and former lightweight crew team member Andy Liverman ’02 were the two and three seats in the U.S. National Team’s bronze medal winning boat. The team finished third over the 2,000-meter course in 5:38.21, behind Italy and Germany. Italy won the gold in 5:35.03, while Germany took the silver in 5:36.51.

The medal was Feins’s second and Liverman’s first. Feins and Liverman, who is just a year out of school, are unusually young participants in a competition normally reserved for professional athletes.

The two also represent the latest in a long line of accomplished lightweight rowers who have had much success under the guidance of head coach Andrew Card.

In 2000, the lightweight crew team captured the national championship.

–Marc Sorel