Last summer, I was anxious to discover which castle-like hall I would call home for freshman year. When I found out that I was going to live in the “new residence hall” (commonly known as Swing Space), I was disappointed to say the very least.

Upon arriving in the fall, I realized I shouldn’t have been upset.

Swing Space is reminiscent of a chic hotel. From the hip lighting fixtures to the lobby with its comfy leather chairs and wood floors, “Swing” is swanky to the max.

There are many perks to living in Swing Space. We are blessed with a precious and rare commodity: air-conditioning. When your poor friends who don’t live in Swing Space discover this, they will visit you. Often. And they will cry when you make them go back to their Old Campus saunas — I mean, “suites.”

Another definite perk is the kitchenette. Yes, every room in Swing Space has its very own kitchen area, complete with stove, microwave, sink, and mini-refrigerator. No, you don’t have to pay extra. Life is just really good.

All freshmen in Swing Space live in spacious quads. These suites have two double bedrooms, a common room, kitchenette, and bathroom with tub. The one downside of having your own bathroom is that you need to clean it. Only having to share your bathroom with three other people makes cleaning worth it.

While other freshmen must worry about buying furniture, all suites in Swing Space come equipped with a couch, two comfy chairs with a fun multicolor pattern, a coffee table, a small table, and two wooden chairs. Additionally, each person gets her own desk, desk chair, three-drawer dresser, and bookshelf. Lamps are also provided, one in the common room and one for each bedroom. Bring your own desk lamp.

The closets provide ample room for clothes, shoes and other miscellaneous storage items.

The beds can be bunked, and this creates extra space in the room.

In the basement of Swing Space, there is a pool table, a ping-pong table, a big-screen television, a laundry room, a practice room, an activities room, and a workout room with cardiovascular machines. Swing Space also has a snack bar (in Yale lingo, a “buttery”) as well as coffee, soda and snack machines.

As far as parties go, Swing Space is set up fairly well. The common rooms are large enough to comfortably accommodate many people, and because the rooms are not in tiny entryways but long hallways, multi-room parties are entirely possible and convenient. Also, people gather in the courtyard to barbecue, chat, read and party.

Welcome to “new campus.” Swing is a beautiful thing.

–Lindsey Mergener