Lanman-Wright Hall suites are very small. The bedrooms are about 7 feet by 11 feet — roughly enough room for the beds and bureaus and sometimes a desk. The common rooms are also very small, but comfortable if you are creative with your space. The floors, which are single-sex, each share a bathroom with two sinks, two toilets and two showers. The fifth floor goes all the way around the building, connecting the entryways.

The building has not been renovated, so the rooms are dingy-looking, with chair-scraped floors and cracked paint. But some of the common rooms have great views of Old Campus from luxurious bay windows. While the fireplaces do not work, they add character to the room, particularly if it has a dedication to a former inhabitant above the mantle.

Lanman-Wright also has the advantage of being the center of life on Old Campus. When the weather is nice, there is almost always someone out in the courtyard. Saybrook and Pierson freshman get to know each other well because they share the courtyard. It is a common meeting place, as well as a place where groups advertise for events. WYBC radio sometimes does live broadcasts from the courtyard. It is noisy, but lively.

And with the Post Office underneath, it is hard to forget to check your mail.

-Martha Fulford