College/Year: Silliman ’03

Hometown: Bedford, N.Y.

Major: Literature

Jared LeBoff is scared that he just might win the Yale College Council presidency.

“I’m a little worried now. If the other two legitimate candidates split the vote–” he said.

LeBoff is the Rumpus candidate, or, as he calls himself, the “joke candidate.” He said that he and his companion on the Rumpus ticket, vice presidential candidate Matt Johnson ’03, are running to point out the absurdity of the entire process. He said he does not think he has a great chance at winning, but the low number of candidates running this year makes it more likely than ever before.

“I think if I won actually it would be a really interesting situation,” he said. “I don’t mean any offense to the people in the YCC, who I think do a fine job at what they do. But it would be obvious that no one is taking the concept of the YCC seriously.”

LeBoff said he was unsure whether he would serve if he won the election, noting that there is not a procedure for impeachment or resigning from the YCC, but that “they’re thinking of making one.”

In his candidacy statement, he said the YCC should combine with other “irrelevant” organizations.

“By taking the leadership of one irrelevant organization and making it lead a second irrelevant organization, we essentially take two irrelevances and make them one,” he said. “Does this somehow make them less irrelevant? No, but it’s a start. It contains the uselessness, keeping it from spreading to more people than is necessary.”

LeBoff said in his statement that his experience Rumpus does not take itself too seriously.

“Rumpus is an irrelevant campus institution,” LeBoff said. “They do nothing to better the lot of anybody except themselves.”

LeBoff also said his gray hair would be an asset in office, noting that gray hair and politics “go together like apples and autumn.”

–Bridget Kelly