Yale College Council officer hopefuls declared their candidacies yesterday, setting the stage for a week of elections.

YCC Vice President EB Kelly ’03 said there will be a meeting with all candidates tonight, where the YCC will discuss the rules of campaigning.

Formal campaigning cannot begin until this Saturday at 8 a.m., Kelly said. Undergraduates can vote at www.yale.edu/ycc/vote from Monday, April 22, at 9 a.m. to Thursday, April 25, at 9 a.m.

“Posters can’t go up until [Saturday] and formal endorsements from undergraduate organizations can’t come out until Saturday,” Kelly said.

The election process has changed little since last year, Kelly said, except that it has been shortened.

“Overall, this whole process is a couple days shorter than last year — one fewer day of voting, one fewer day for candidates to get petitions,” Kelly said. “It’s the result of a general complaint on the part of all the candidates [last year], as well as looking at voting records. Almost all voting is done, if not on the first day, then on the first two days. It just seemed to us on the YCC there was no need to keep the process going longer than it needed to be, so we cut it by a day.”

The presidential candidates are Andrew Allison ’04, Jared LeBoff ’03 and Matthew Nickson ’03. Rachel Barish ’04, Matthew Johnson ’03, Edward Pritchett ’05 and Ryan Sheely ’04 are running for vice president.

Justin Cohen ’04, Andrew Klaber ’04 and Scott Simpson ’03 are the candidates for treasurer. The people running for secretary are Jeanne Davis ’04 and Lindsey Parker ’04. There are several candidates for Undergraduate Organization Funding Committee chairman: Jesus Chapa-Malacara ’04, Aushrif Javeed ’05, Andrew Kagan ’03, Charlotte Lewis ’03, Elliott Mogul ’05, YoonSeok Lee ’05 and Katherine Reaves ’05.