To the Editor:

I have been shocked by the recent flood of e-mails and mailings that have come from the Association of Yale Alumni, “concerned” alumni, and former trustees about the Lin-Lee election.

The first came from the AYA “just letting us know” that the Rev. W. David Lee DIV ’93 has accepted support from various groups (particularly, a union that represents some Yale employees), that he plans to wage an active campaign (that is not in keeping with the dignified tradition of issueless, rubber-stamped appointments by the search committee), and that alumni might receive some campaign information from one or both parties.

In the past week, I have received three such mailings or e-mails, all from purportedly independent alumni who have access to alumni e-mail and address lists, and all campaigning vigorously against Lee. The initial letter suggested that Lee’s campaign might use his “questionable” funds to reach out to alumni and that this was not the way a trustee of Yale ought to be elected.

It is surprising that since then, the only solicitations that I and other alumni have received are from neither party but from a group that seems to have the support of the trustees and the AYA.

Additionally, they include various editorials from the Yale Daily News to support their attacks on Lee. I understand that the News has been much more evenhanded in their evaluation of Lee and the election.

I am shocked that Yale would be so afraid of having a campaign decided by Yalies who cast votes after receiving balanced information from each party. Instead Yale is endeavoring to tilt the election in favor of Maya Lin ’81 ARC ’86 by first, selecting a candidate who is well-known but without an agenda, and second, running this negative campaign against Lee.

Alden W. Hall ’92

April 9, 2002