The Office of the Provost will soon bid farewell to the Hall of Graduate Studies, its home of over six decades.

Sometime before commencement this May, the provost and her deputies will move to 1 Hillhouse Avenue.

The building formerly housed the office of Undergraduate Career Services but has undergone major construction.

“It will remain a place where provosts, faculty and students rub shoulders,” said Provost Alison Richard, Yale’s chief academic and financial officer. “There is no conference room in HGS, and we’ll have a conference room finally. And it will relieve space in HGS. I’ll miss all our neighbors that we currently have.”

Because the reconstructed building will also contain the Center for Language Studies, architects are adding a bridge connecting it to 370 Temple, which at the end of its renovation will house the new language lab. Richard said she is looking forward to interacting with her new neighbors.

370 Temple once housed some students annexed from Timothy Dwight College, but after the college’s current renovations are completed, the annex space will no longer be necessary.

Facilities Project Director Arch Currie said construction has been smooth so far, although the facility still needs more work.

“It’s coming down close to the wire for final cleanup because of the scheduling of the project,” Currie said. “We had a relatively easy winter. It has gone about as smoothly as a capital project ever goes around here.”

The actual move should take place over the course of one week.

Yale currently has more renovations in either planning or building stages than at any other time in its history.

Among high profile projects on campus, Timothy Dwight, which is the fourth residential college to receive a large-scale renovation, is currently on schedule to be completed before the start of the next school year.

Plans for the upcoming renovation of Pierson College are progressing but are still in the design phase. Construction will not begin until the summer of 2003.

While the University will not renovate any residential college next year, Vanderbilt Hall on Old Campus is set to undergo a major renovation.