To the Editor:

I have read about the Rev. W. David Lee’s DIV ’93 politicking for a position on the Yale Corporation with growing distaste and disappointment. Lee’s candidacy is merely a thinly disguised attempt, in collusion with local unions and special interest groups, to ram a misguided and utterly biased agenda down the throat of Yale at the expense of the very integrity of the institution.

Moreover, Lee’s personal grand-standing, self-aggrandizement and political trickery does a great disservice to all of Yale and its graduates. By following in the footsteps of publicity-hound “ministers” like Al Sharpton and Oral Roberts, Lee perpetuates the stereotype of the opportunistic minister whose hand is always out for money, eyes searching for television cameras and photographers, and ears constantly straining for much-needed applause.

He brings embarrassment and shame to Yale University, Yale Divinity School, and to the true ministers and leaders who strive for justice and peace with humility and honor.

Ken Leonczyk Jr. DIV ’02

March 6, 2002