Jonathan Edwards College Master Gary Haller learned Wednesday that he has been reappointed to serve a second five-year term, just a day after Trumbull College Master Janet Henrich’s reappointment.

Albert Quashie ’02, a member of the reappointment committee, said the entire process took about a month. Quashie and fellow committee members Alyssa Greenwald ’03, Jeffrey Lin ’03, Tomas Garcia ’05 and Jeffrey Montez ’02 interviewed students informally to get opinions on Haller’s job performance. Music professor Leon Plantinga headed the committee, which also included two graduate fellows.

Haller said he was happy that the committee wanted him back for another five years.

“There seems to be a sense of approval,” Haller said. “One is always pleased [with that].”

Quashie said students overwhelmingly praised their college master.

“Pretty much everyone liked Haller, how he allocated funds,” Quashie said.

Some students, however, complained about the variety of Master’s Teas Haller has offered.

“[Some students said that] his Master’s Teas seem to be very artsy. They want more diversity,” Quashie said. “But it wasn’t a major gripe.”

Katelin Carr ’04 disagreed, lauding the master’s choices for guests and saying she was thrilled that Haller would continue as master.

“I’m personally very excited about it. He does some great Master’s Teas,” Carr said. “He takes us on little cultural trips.”

SInce he will be master in 2003, which will mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of the college’s namesake, Haller thinks a party could be in order.

“It had crossed my mind,” Haller said.

Other than the possible celebration, Haller has no special administrative plans.

“We will just continue the way we are,” Haller said.

Jeffrey Kessler ’05 said he was also pleased with the reappointment.

“He gives seniors cocktail parties on Fridays,” Kessler said. “That’s enough to make you stay in JE.”

Kessler added that he was not surprised at Haller’s reappointment.

“I don’t know anyone who hates him,” Kessler said.

Haller teaches in the Department of Chemical Engineering and specializes in catalysis.