To the Editor:

I have noticed the advertisement cartoons that Myrtle Beach Tours has placed in the Yale Daily News. Despite the disclaimer in small print under each cartoon, these cartoons do promote both improper behavior and the excessive and possibly illegal consumption of alcohol. They are appearing in a newspaper that reaches a target audience many of whom are under 21. I find the cartoons generally to be in bad taste, but I am most offended by these insincere and incorrect disclaimers.

One cannot change the nature of something simply by saying it is something else. Additionally, it is irresponsible to disclaim the obvious intent of this advertisement campaign, which is to increase sales and profits for the company by enticing patronage of their properties with the lure of possible “improper behavior” and excessive consumption of alcohol.

I recommend that the disclaimer be removed, and that the company take full responsibility for their intentions. Better yet, they should find a marketing strategy that will achieve their financial goals without promoting improper and dangerous behavior.

Bill Reynolds

February 28, 2002

The writer is the operations manager for the Yale School of Drama.