To the Editor:

I am concerned that too much of the recent Korean cuisine incident has focused on the alleged racist nature of the dialogue. Regardless of dining hall manager Brian Frantz’s tone of voice or intended sarcasm, he did hit the nail on the head when he suggested kimchi and dog for a korean-themed dinner.

Rather than castigating everyone we can lay our hands on for insensitivity, we need to put this behind us, embrace Ahn’s original suggestion, and have some good Korean food.

Despite the racial complications that have recently come to surround them at Yale, I am confident that a meal of dog and kimchi would be delicious.

Such a theme dinner would allow students and faculty a welcome change from routine, the chance to taste traditional Korean cooking and showcase our terrific chefs, as well as demonstrating the University’s commitment to multiculturalism.

In fact, I think the dining halls should look into creating a PanGeos setup for Korean food. I have not yet had occasion to taste traditional Korean cuisine, but all this debate and continued press coverage is making me very curious. And hungry.

Lay down your arms, Yalies, and pick up your forks!

Will Tauxe ’05

February 12, 2002