“Schools, Taxes and Jobs,” the report released Thursday by the Connecticut Center for a New Economy, marks the third and final installment in a series of collaborative research projects between the nonprofit advocacy group and Yale’s unions.

Written by Antony Dugdale, a research analyst for the federation representing Yale’s unions, the report calls for the University to contribute $2 to $6.4 million to New Haven public schools.

The report is one of several recent publications critical of the University by groups connected to Yale’s unions, locals 34 and 35. Its release comes a week before union and University leaders begin negotiations on contracts for nearly 4,000 Yale workers.

CCNE New Haven Director Scott Marks said the organization, which was started to advocate for a fair economy, has an agreement with the unions, which provide the center with researchers. These researchers also wrote CCNE’s two previous publications, “Good Jobs, Strong Communities” and “Incubating Biotech: Yale Prospers, New Haven Waits,” released late last year. The two organizations share an office building on College Street.

Local 34 President Laura Smith said it was too soon to know whether proposals similar to the ones included in Thursday’s report would be raised during negotiations.

Smith added that she thought the report would not affect the tone of the discussions, but that the information could be valuable.

“We’re all struggling to find ways that we can make Yale and New Haven and all of us connected with both communities better, and I think that anything that opens up discussion and thought about that is a positive contribution,” Smith said.

Yale spokeswoman Helaine Klasky said she disagreed with the report’s premise, but she did not expect it to affect the negotiations.

“I think some of this background noise is unfortunate, but I think that both sides, locals 34 and 35 and Yale management, remain very committed to moving this forward,” Klasky said.

Union researchers have also been involved in a series of other reports released in the last few months. Most recently, a report on Yale’s endowment investments in Colorado appeared on a union-sponsored Web site. And Dugdale was one of three union researchers who wrote last summer’s controversial “Yale, Slavery and Abolition” report.