A New Haven man convicted of robbing a bank while out on probation has been sentenced to 14 more years in federal prison.

Joseph Coe, 44, was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for a robbery at a People’s Bank branch in New Haven in May 2000. At the time of the robbery Coe was out on probation for a previous bank robbery conviction. He then fled the state and was arrested within the month at an Indian reservation in Arizona.

Coe was returned to Connecticut and sentenced to eight years for violating probation. This past November, he pleaded guilty to robbing the People’s Bank. The 14-year sentence imposed by U.S. Judge Ellen Bree Burns on Friday was tacked on to the eight years he’s already serving.

Coe also was ordered to pay back the nearly $6,000 that was stolen from the bank.

–Associated Press