Common courtesy is certainly not what it used to be. Just ask one partyer at Sunday’s early-morning soiree in McClellan Hall on Old Campus.

Yale police said one partygoer approached another and, without explanation or hesitation, punched him twice in the face. The puncher then started laughing, police said.

After a third person revealed the identity of the puncher to the punchee, the punched student called the police.

While the student did not request police intervention, he said he wanted to inform police of the incident just in case he incurred any medical expenses at a later date as a result, Yale Police Lt. Michael Patten said.

An interesting way to borrow a bicycle

Borrowing a bicycle? Don’t forget your bolt cutters.

A Yale police officer spotted John Montanez, 33, of Hazel Street, and a 16-year-old boy on a bicycle lingering around the bicycle racks outside of the Becton Engineering and Applied Science Center Monday afternoon, Patten said.

Police said the officer approached after Montanez removed a bicycle from the rack.

Montanez explained that the bike he was riding broke down and that he was borrowing another one — the one he took off the rack — to complete his ride home, police said. The officer arrested Montanez and subsequently found that he was carrying a pair of bolt cutters.

Police said they had not determined whether Montanez used the bolt cutters to remove the bicycle from the rack. Montanez could not produce the bicycle he said he was riding before he stopped in front of Becton.

Montanez was charged with sixth-degree larceny, risk of injury to a minor, and possession of burglary tools.