Final test results have confirmed that a powdery substance found at Hartford’s main post office was not anthrax, an FBI spokeswoman said Sunday.

Tests performed by the state Department of Public Health came back negative, FBI spokeswoman Lisa Bull said. Health Department officials did not immediately return a telephone message Sunday afternoon.

Emergency crews and hazardous materials teams were called to the post office on Friday after employees said a powdery substance fell out of a large envelope on a conveyor belt. The area where the substance was found was closed off for several hours, though the lobby and retail areas remained open.

Initial tests also came back negative for anthrax.

Bull said no cases of anthrax have been confirmed anywhere in the state.

Officials in Connecticut have responded to dozens of anthrax scares since the disease was first discovered in workers at a Florida office building. On October 12, FBI and Department of Environmental Protection agents investigated a strange substance found in mail bins by post office employees at the main New Haven post office located at 50 Brewery St. The substance also tested negative for anthrax.

–Associated Press