Yale’s tercentennial celebration is attracting great attention both locally and in places as far off as Britain, China and Scandinavia.

Media representatives from Yale will join the Associated Press and reporters from the city, state, national and international levels in New Haven as these historic events unfold, said Thomas Violante, a spokesman for the University.

Security will be tight, particularly for former President Bill Clinton’s speech to a crowd of over 7,000 people on Cross-Campus this Saturday.

The Yale Office of Public Affairs requires all press organizations to preregister, media representatives said. Members of the press will also be expected to present two forms of identification in order to obtain a media pass.

Opportunities for meeting with Clinton are almost impossible. There are currently no plans for him to speak with members of the media.

“We discussed it with OPA. Due to time and security constraints, it won’t happen,” said Yale Station founder Alexander Clark ’04, who is covering the events for yalestation.org. The press restriction also applies to the luncheon Clinton will be having with the Yale Corporation preceding his speech on Cross Campus.

Among the local media organizations set to attend are television stations WFSB, WTIC, WZIT, WTNH and Channel 12 Fairfield; radio stations WQUN, WYBC and WTIC Radio; the New Haven Register and Hartford Courant newspapers; and yalestation.org. Reporters from the Associated Press, the China Press, the British Broadcasting Corporation and the Scandinavian media also intend to cover this weekend’s events, Violante said.