Unfazed by a major fire and the discovery of human remains at a construction site, Yale continued its massive renovation efforts this summer at a more frantic pace than ever before.

Work continued according to plan at most sites, with 451 College St. and Saybrook College nearly done. Several other areas saw scaffolding rise or fall as the University pushed through its list of backed-up projects.

“We’ve been moving right along and just about everything has gone smoothly,” said Provost Alison Richard, Yale’s chief academic and financial officer.

The only obstacles — the fire that tore through the Saybrook Master’s House in June and the old human remains found in dirt near 451 College — proved to be surmountable, causing only minimal delays. Most comparative literature and religious studies faculty moved into 451 College last week.

In other areas:

n The $58 million overhaul of Timothy Dwight College and neighboring Rosenfeld Hall began shortly after Commencement in late May. Work is now well underway and on schedule for completion in August 2002. Rosenfeld will become TD’s sole annex space.

n The language lab, which had been housed in Rosenfeld, has been temporarily relocated to the former Yale Fence Club, behind the University Theater on York Street.

n 370 Temple St., which formerly housed some annexed TD students, is currently being improved to make way for educational and administrative space.

n One Hillhouse, formerly the home of Undergraduate Career Services, was gutted early in the summer to accommodate the provost’s office suite and the Center for Language Studies. Work will be completed early next year.

n On Science Hill, the $42 million Class of ’54 Environmental Science Center is nearing completion and is expected be occupied by several academic departments in 2002, including ecology and evolutionary biology, geology and geophysics, and anthropology.

n Work continues on Kline Biology Tower where a number of long-term infrastructure improvements are underway. Nearby Kline Chemistry Lab received a new roof.

n Major internal renovations to Davies Mansion have begun and will continue until late next summer. The mansion will be the new home of the Yale Center for the Study of Globalization.

n Exterior work on Sterling Memorial Library wrapped up after repairs to the stone buttresses on the north wall were completed.

n Repairs to the Afro-American Cultural Center at 211 Park St. began on the building’s exterior. Work will soon begin on the interior. The total cost is expected to be around $5 million.

n Improvements to Welch Hall and Farnam Hall, including new furniture, flooring and windows, were completed over the summer at a cost of over $8 million.