Timothy Dwight College has the longest standing master and dean combination at Yale, and anyone who’s been to TD knows why they’ve stuck around so long.

TD is full of unity and college pride, winning the most spirited college award at this year’s Freshman Olympics. Boasting the bell, a lion flag and the most foul-mouthed college cheers, TD is always a presence at football games and tailgates. On the intramurals fields, meanwhile, TD presents a fierce opponent for the other colleges. The college pride can also be felt at TD’s annual party, Exotic Erotic, where the motto is “The less you wear, the less you pay.”

The parties don’t always start with the students, though. Master Robert Thompson — aka “Master T” — throws at least three parties each semester, inviting samba bands and Brazilian dancers.

The parties help to bring TD together as a community, the sense of which is felt almost immediately after one steps through TD’s gates. From pick-up games in the courtyard to formal dinners in the dining hall, Master T and Dean John Loge head the closest-knit college at Yale.

TD freshmen live in the college with the upperclassmen, which further fosters this sense of community. Freshmen will know seniors before the first day is over, which means that there will be plenty of people to ask for advice on things like classes, parties and where to eat.

This year, TD will be relocated to Swing Space while the college is being renovated. TD is planning even more activities than usual — to draw us closer and keep us happy while we wait to return to our real home.

TD gives its residents many opportunities to excel and participate in it. There are, of course, intramurals to play, but TD also produces its own literary magazine, “The Weathervane,” in which student writing and artwork find a showcase. In addition, TDers get to showcase their abilities in a college art show and in the college’s “No Talent” talent show. TDers are also infamous for their informal shows of skill — it isn’t uncommon to find someone painting furiously in the courtyard on a Saturday night or playing guitar outside on a sunny afternoon.

TD freshmen can look forward to this great community of friends from the first day on. They can also look forward to being the only freshmen with a battle cry: “Ashe!”

See you in August.

Ross Eaton ’03 is a junior in Timothy Dwight College.