Hot Tomato’s (pictured)

261 College Street, 624-6331

YYYYY $$$$

This place has class. Set in the ballroom of the old Taft Hotel, this restaurant’s art deco interior, elegant but expensive bar, and sumptuous entrees will make any evening. The service is always impeccable, and reservations are a good idea.

The News recommends: Garlic cheese bread


148 York Street, 776-8644

YYYY $$$$

While Nirvana offers Indian entrees priced well above its nearby competitors, the return in food quality is often worth your extra investment. Service can be a bit slow on the weekends, so a midweek trip is often a quicker and more enjoyable alternative. It is a great place to introduce people who have never tried Indian food to its many spicy dishes.

The News recommends: Nan

Roomba (pictured)

1044 Chapel Street, 562-7666

YYYYY $$$$

Roomba, a fairly new restaurant located at Sherman’s Alley off Chapel Street, offers Nueva Latina cuisine, with entrees such as Citrus-Ginger Tuna Loin and Jamaican-style Barbecued Salmon. The desserts are fantastic. All the dishes are creatively presented in an impressive manner. Roomba is quite popular, and reservations are absolutely necessary. The downside is its offerings are quite pricey.

The News recommends: Barbecued salmon and the banana dessert


1104 Chapel Street, 776-8268

YYYY $$$$

If your parents ever offer to take you out for dinner, ask them to take you to Scoozi. This upscale Italian restaurant offers great food and great service in a modern and elegant setting. If there is any restaurant that is the complete opposite of the dining halls, it may very well be Scoozi. Reservations are a must.

The News recommends: Salads

Tibwin Grill

220 College Street, 624-1883

YYY $$$$

In this upscale hangout you’re likely to find yuppies chilling at the bar and families upstairs enjoying filet mignon with a good bordeaux. The decor is plain and simple, but the service is excellent. This cozy restaurant is particularly pleasant in the winter.

The News recommends: The risotto appetizer and vegetable plate entree

Union League Cafe

1032 Chapel Street, 562-4299

YYYY $$$$

This high-class French brasserie is beautiful and elegant — and extremely pricey. Set in the ground floor of the historic John Sherman building, the atmosphere almost enhances the flavor of the continental cuisine. How many times have you had someone named Jean-Michel serve you? The food is beautifully presented and good, but nothing spectacular. You will probably only venture to this place when your parents are in town.

The News recommends: Soups and desserts