21 Broadway (pictured)

21 Broadway, 865-8888


A recent addition to the already teeming market of pizzerias west of campus, 21 Broadway offers a wide variety of dishes but little space in which to eat them — definitely an incentive to get take-out. Most importantly, 21 Broadway is open 24 hours a day, making it an ideal location for a bleary-eyed break from studying.


338 Elm Street, 495-9869


Formerly Xando’s, Cosi offers brick-oven pizza, specialty sandwiches and smores for dessert in its upstairs restaurant, which students often frequent on dates. Downstairs is a take-out coffee and smoothie bar.

Naples (pictured)

90 Wall Street, 776-9021


When you first walk into Naples, you are greeted by walls covered in a melange of ’50s diner memorabilia and fraternity paddles. The atmosphere, in general, is a combination of those two themes.

Most students find Naples’ loose carding policies at least as important as its atmosphere, but the restaurant does offer a wide variety of typical Italian dishes.

Pepe’s and Sally’s (pictured)

237 Wooster Street, 624-5271 and 157 Wooster Street, 865-5762


The preeminent pizzerias in New Haven (some would say the entire East Coast), Sally’s and Pepe’s each claim to have invented the pizza and are frequently mentioned in the same sentence. The restaurants offer slightly different versions of the archetypal thin-crust New Haven pizza in a unique ellipsoid shape.

Located on Wooster Street, which is lined with a bevy of Italian eateries, Sally’s and Pepe’s are about a fifteen-minute walk from Old Campus — a more than worthwhile trip provided you’ve saved some room for plenty of pizza.

There is a long-running debate between Sally’s enthusiasts and Pepe’s supporters, so try both and decide for yourself. (Frank Sinatra, Hillary Clinton LAW ’73 and Garry Trudeau ’70 have been labelled as diehard Sally’s fans.) Just get there early, because the lines on a Friday or Saturday evening — or even a weeknight — can stretch for quite a ways.

Yorkside (pictured)

288 York Street, 787-7471


One of the two most frequented pizza joints near campus, Yorkside has been a New Haven institution for 31 years. The Yale-oriented atmosphere is clearly defined by the crests of all the Yale residential colleges and graduate and professional schools that hang on the walls.

Two of Yorkside’s most popular dishes in recent years have been souvlaki and the chicken Parmesan grinder, both of which we recommend. And since Yorkside is open late into the night, it’s a great place for a slice after a night at nearby Toad’s Place or Sterling Memorial Library.