A noisy struggle that witnesses said appeared to be a suicide attempt commenced just before midnight Tuesday from a seventh-floor window of the Morse College Tower.

After a man appeared leaning out of the window, two or three women began screaming and restraining the man witnesses said. As the man yelled at the woman, Yale police officers arrived. A policeman entered the room in the Tower and helped to pull the man from the window, which faced the Morse courtyard. The man was put into an ambulance on Tower Parkway, witnesses said.

Police at the scene would not comment other than to confirm that the person in the ambulance was a male and that the incident had occurred on the seventh floor of the 14-story tower.

A crowd of about 30 students — some in silence and some in tears — gathered in the Morse courtyard when the screaming began. Many witnesses said they could not tell who the person in the window was.

“I’m in my room. All of the sudden, there’s screams,” said one eyewitness, a student who wished to remain anonymous, who rushed out to the courtyard. “I’m thinking it’s just screaming.”