College/Year: Morse ’03

Hometown: San Diego, Calif.

Major: political science and religious studies

Vidhya Prabhakaran ’03 sums up his platform for president in one word: “activities.”

Prabhakaran, YCC treasurer and Dwight Hall executive board member, believes that the YCC should first concentrate on improving the quality of life by increasing the number of activities. Once this is done, he said, other goals will follow.

Prabhakaran promises to devote his summer to organizing a fall concert for next year. Other ideas include cheaper Winter Ball tickets and combining Spring Fling with Communiversity Day into a giant two-day festival.

Prabhakaran takes a reductionist view towards the YCC’s position on key issues, such as TA unionization and financial aid reform. He admitted that many students do not know much about these concerns, so instead of writing resolutions that set sweeping and detailed programs for reform, he said the YCC should focus on basic issues that directly effect student life.

Prabhakaran sees his experience as his most important attribute. Currently a YCC officer, Prabhakaran said he has recognized the strengths and weaknesses of the council. He also has spent much time building lasting personal connections with Yale President Richard Levin and various deans.

He sees this ability to connect with the administration as the true source of the president’s power and influence. Instead of just passing vague resolutions on paper, Prabhakaran said he would personally represent the voice of the students in his conversations with administrators.

— Jonathan Romanyshyn