College/Year: Trumbull ’04

Hometown: Louisville, Ky.

Major: undecided

Beth Deters said the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee does not help new student groups enough.

As a founder of Teli, Yale’s first online programming station, Deters said she knows about starting a group.

“You have to open a bank account and hold fund-raisers,” she said. “The UOFC could help student organizations have fund-raisers.”

When groups hold shows or parties to raise money, they must provide a lot of money up front to hold the event.

Deters said the UOFC should extend loans to organizations to hold events. Groups would be able to repay the loans through ticket sales and other money-making activities.

“Just very basic,” Deters said. “Nothing with interest rates.”

More available start-up money could help less-established student groups, she said. She added, however, that she recognizes the importance of making sure a group is in good standing before the UOFC provides it with funds.

To simplify the process, Deters would also focus on improving the UOFC’s Web site, she said.

Deters said her involvement with Teli has introduced her to many administrators.

She is also involved in the community service organization Youth Together.

— Louise Story