College/ Year: Morse ’03

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Major: undeclared

From trips to Six Flags to four-on-four flag football tournaments, vice presidential candidate Dave Gimbel’s vision for next year’s YCC is simple: activities.

“I feel it is YCC’s obligation to bridge the gap between residential college and university life,” said Gimbel, who serves as Morse College’s YCC representative after participating in the Freshman Class Council last year. “The residential colleges do great social things within the colleges. It’s the YCC’s job to get the university together to have a good time.”

But beyond a good time, Gimbel said he sees such easy-to-organize activities as a way to get more students involved in YCC’s more serious issues.

“My platform is that if these activities could get the campus together, it would raise the opinion of the YCC,” Gimbel said. “Maybe those students who normally wouldn’t be involved in our issues would be. If we have a football tournament, we could say we’re having a discussion on Martin Luther King Day or an open forum with [Yale President Richard] Levin.”

A member of the golf team and the Morse Green Cup co-captain, Gimbel said he will bring the initiative to help the YCC rise above money issues and squabbles that often stymie plans.

“What you need is somebody on the board who can push things through,” Gimbel said. “That’s what I want to do.”

— Arielle Levin Becker