To the Editor:

The joke issue column (“Confessions of an Jewish Asian Worshipper,” 4/1) raises an important issue — that of “quiet prejudice.”

“Active racism” has largely gone away. People are no longer lynched, and police no longer beat or kill people without proper cause (well, in most cases). “Quiet prejudice,” however, still remains; it is a subtle attitude that strips its victims of their human dignity. People with this attitude regard Asian women not as full human beings but as sex toys to be played with.

They regard Asian men not as people capable of love but as castrated workaholics. And I think quite a few people in America secretly harbor this attitude, although they claim to be opposed to racism, discrimination, etc. Precisely because it is subtle and can be hidden behind “jokes,” it is hard to catch and to correct.

Nevertheless, I call upon of all you at the News to fight this quiet prejudice with the rest of us. Surely, we are not asking for much when all we want is just human dignity.

Jing Wang ’02

April 8, 2001