To all Yalies thirsting for inflatable furniture and recycled jeans, ye shall thirst no longer: Urban Outfitters opens tomorrow.

With neither pomp nor circumstance, the doors to 43 Broadway will open to the public in this, the latest debut of the Broadway redevelopment.

Until tomorrow, the doors to the pop culture palace will be locked, adorned only with a sign: “10:00, Saturday.”

But inside, employees are busy stocking the two-story, 11,800-square-foot store with the merchandise that has invaded college dorm rooms across America.

“It is very interesting architecturally,” said John Maturo, the director of University Properties, the Yale retail development office which brought Urban to New Haven. “They put a lot of effort in, and we’re thrilled.”

Maturo said the store will have no official grand opening, but Mayor John DeStefano Jr. did stop by Thursday to check it out.

The store will carry standard trendy fare to appeal to a college-age population. Despite the heavy hand University Properties has held over the rest of Broadway developments, it is staying out of the matter of clothing selection

“We have no control over their merchandise,” Maturo said. “It’s their concept completely.”

The chain, based in Philadelphia, is opening its 43rd location on Broadway.

Store managers Cheryl Andreson and Candy Urbanowicz were not available for comment Thursday.