To the Editor:

In his column Henry Wong is so wrought in his own bitterness towards class and wealth differential that he completely overlooks the positive aspects of Gourmet Heaven and the objective arguments for keeping Krauszer’s (“Gourmet? My Snapple still tastes the same,” 3/26).

First off, I found Wong’s harangue about the class and wealth of some Yalies not only offensive but intolerant. His claim that dressing nicely is an immediate indicator of wealth and snobbery is just as ridiculous as presuming that everyone who wears Tommy Hilfiger is a drug dealer who listens to rap.

Wong’s repressed anger would be better directed at the Yale development team for not recognizing the respective niches that both Krauszer’s and Gourmet Heaven have on Broadway. Both stores equally cater to the needs of the entire Yale body, irrelevant of income bracket, and together, they cover a more complete market by providing a full range of products and prices. By closing Krauszer’s, that range shrinks drastically and so does the consumer’s amount of discretion and choice.

Furthermore, I find the actions of Yale Broadway development to be in contention with the proclaimed “town-gown” relations and am even a bit reviled by the thick hypocrisy that fills my ears every time I hear the phrase now. I am not opposed to turnover of businesses in response to economic demand and the need for changes, but what town is Yale supporting by importing businesses from New York City and then kicking out local owners?

If Wong wants anyone to “blame,” it should be at Yale development, not the wealthy prep school, WB quoting Yalies whom he so passionately derides.

Ji Park ’02

March 26, 2001