To the Editor:

While I agree with Jim DiTullio (“Two Political Women Who Still Don’t Have a Clue”, 2/14) that the resolution of the 2000 presidential election was a partisan travesty of justice, I fail to understand why he feels the need to use sexist insults to make his point.

Katherine Harris and Sandra Day O’Connor made decisions that were, in my opinion, unsound and politically biased. So did their male Repub-lican colleagues, but it is Harris and O’Connor who get called “dingbats” (a term rarely applied to men). And what, may I ask, does the amount of makeup they wear have to do with anything?

Shame on DiTullio for focusing on gender, which had no impact on this situation and for expressing his outrage in such a blatantly sexist way.

Stacey Thompson GRD ’04

february 14, 2001