Take heed, YaleInfo, there’s a new web portal in town — and its name is www.yale.edu/studentaffairs.

In the planning stages since last spring, this new Web site was created by Yale’s Office of the Dean of Student Affairs to provide one-stop access to the Web sites frequented by students. It offers links to the Web sites of a myriad of undergraduate organizations, publications and services.

Assistant Dean Edgar Letriz-Nunez was responsible for creating the web site.

“Students, and freshman in particular, receive a substantial amount of information from the College,” Letriz-Nunez said. “Our site helps to consolidate much of that information into convenient categories and helps in bringing on-line information and services from University departments and offices directly to students.”

The Web site has links to cultural centers, computing services, resources such as the Bass Writing Tutor Program, the Office of International Education and Fellowships and the University Police Department, among other things.

Also included on the Web site is a link for online registration of undergraduate organizations. Any undergraduate organization that holds periodic meetings or requests money from the Undergraduate Organizations Funding Committee must be registered with the Yale College Dean’s Office. Organizations that are already registered must re-register each year but only need to update their existing information.

Letriz-Nunez said that once approved for registration, the organization’s name is automatically added to the list of officially registered undergraduate organizations and is automatically assigned space in next year’s bazaar of registered undergraduate organizations.

For Science and Math Achiever Teams Director Abigail Phillips ’01, who registered her community service organization, the re-registration process was simple.

“We had been a registered organization in the past,” said Phillips. “It was no problem.”

But David Valdez ’01, the president of sketch comedy group The Fifth Humor, encountered a problem registering his group.

“I registered two times on-line,” Valdez said. “I never got an e-mail confirmation.”

Valdez contacted the Dean’s office and is awaiting confirmation that his group has been registered.

“Hopefully they won’t have problems with too many groups,” Valdez added.