Account Executive Program

The Yale Daily News Business (YDNB) team is seeking Yale freshmen and sophomores for its Account Executive Program, a program designed to train students in sales, marketing, and business strategy.

The Account Executive Program engages underclassmen in local and national advertising sales.  In addition, Account Executives work directly with YDNB managers and directors on various business development projects relating to marketing, online revenue, data analytics, advertisement design, alumni outreach, the Annual Conference on College Newspapers at Yale, and other YDNB initiatives.

The Yale Daily News, an independent newspaper that receives no Yale University funding, is an exceptional teaching ground for business. We offer a genuine business experience; with the YDNB team, your work truly matters and your actions have real consequences. Further, YDNB offers strong opportunities for advancement; those who complete the Account Executive Program are eligible to apply for the Yale Daily News Business Board.

The application for the Account Executive program is due at midnight on Thursday, September 12th.  Please follow the instructions on our application form, which is available at the link below.

YDNB Account Executive Application [Document is hosted on Google Drive and can be downloaded in multiple formats.]