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KATHLEEN CLEAVER: A Black Panther Turned Bulldog

February 14, 2014
Unapologetic in her efforts to abolish systematic injustice, Kathleen Cleaver ’84 ’89 has long been a leader in radical political circles.
Rihanna, our patron saint

The Essence of Elegance

October 18, 2013
What constitutes a ratchét lifestyle? An Urban Dictionary entry might read: ratchét (n., adj.): a bougie ratchet; a sophisticated hot mess.

Party foul

August 26, 2011
Picture this: The opportunity to witness firsthand the hostile rivalry between the Barcelona and Madrid soccer teams. A summer touring the Barcelona countryside, learning the delicate art of legal drinking. Sounds like a utopia for any American college student, right? Add in a Barcelona victory and a region known for its cheap beer and raunchy »

Scientist sketches Suriname

March 25, 2011
Birds with elongated bodies and half-closed eyes writhing in pain often inhabit the paintings of James Prosek ’97. But Prosek is no sadist — at least, not that we know of. Rather, he is a biological researcher-cum-artist whose watercolor paintings deliberately distort the specimens he collects and observes on his expeditions. A series of paintings »

‘Seat’ struggles to keep you there

February 25, 2011
A blind date, a high school reunion and an FBI investigation. Sound unrelated? The student-written play “Seat Yourself” tries to connect these disparate stories through a compilation of nine scenes ranging from a romantic dinner to a suicide case, all of which try to prove that we are all just actors. While by the end »

Identity finds form in ‘Embodied’

February 18, 2011
What exactly is the black identity? “Embodied: Black Identities in American Art,” a new exhibition at the Yale University Art Gallery curated by students from both Yale and the University of Maryland College Park, seeks to answer just that question by conveying the disparate experiences of Africans and African-Americans as portrayed by different American artists. »
sic inc — It gets weirder than this, but not as weird as Kanye.

SiC out of control

February 4, 2011
Picture a theatre performance. The essentials: stage, actors and audience, each a separate entity serving its own purpose. But through their most recent project, “Streamline Integration Celebration,” SIC InC and Control Group strive to destroy any pre-conceived ideas of what defines a production through their self-described “avant-garde, experimental” work. Avant-garde, indeed. The performance takes place »

“Extraordinary Facilities” strange, sexy

January 28, 2011
There are two types of strange. A type of strangeness that compels a person to ogle, not because of an object’s value, but because of humanity’s fascination with the atypical. The other type commands attention because of the viewer’s desire to learn the intricacies of this strangeness. The difference between the two is the difference »

‘Roots’ ain’t made for walkin’

January 21, 2011
To say the scene was kooky would have been a large understatement. I sat in a row of mismatching, old wooden chairs; behind me, a Man with wisps of grey hair chaotically billowing from his head audibly mumbled words from a visibly aged book, as if he were performing. Intimidated by the thought of delving »

Undergraduate art unsurprisingly artsy, nude

January 14, 2011
With any art exhibition, there is the good, the bad, and the just plain strange. The School of Art Undergraduate Exhibition is no exception. The exhibition featured an array of pieces from art classes such as “Visual Thinking,” “Introduction to Painting,” “Basic Drawing,” and a few independent projects as well. The pieces varied from digital »

WEEKEND | Ke$ha and Taylor Swift’s New Year’s Resolution: Try a different tune

December 26, 2010
Heartbroken? Call on Taylor Swift to guide you through any of your love troubles. Looking to get the party started? Ke$ha will never let you down. But while Taylor’s love therapy and Ke$ha’s contributions to weekend debauchery are always appreciated, there are only so many songs these one-dimensional artists can release before a newer, flashier »

WEEKEND | A Harvard-Yale hookup guide

November 18, 2010
Yale hook-up culture is confusing enough, and this weekend, we’ll have to add Harvard into the mix. With the new dynamic caused by the mixing of Yalies, Harvardians and alcohol, many new questions arise. Is it acceptable to fraternize with the enemy? Will anyone even remember if I fraternized with the enemy? Are there any »